Meaningful Ink

Jennifer and I ended up getting matching tattoos to represent our bond regarding kidney donation and getting the kidney I needed because of her!
Much credit to Alex Johnson at Zoe’s Vicious Circle in Hales Corners, WI for the amazing artwork!

My Angel Gave Me Life

As you all know, I ended up getting my Kidney Transplant on October 10th, 2018! It would of not been possible without the selfless act of a beautiful woman named Jennifer Shallow. She is pictured above with me during our hospital stay at Froedtert. She entered the Paired Exchange Program through Froedtert when she found out she was not a direct match for me. We got in a chain and her donated kidney ended up in Pennsylvania, and in return I recieved my kidney from a Donor in Virginia. What an amazing process! She saved my life and I am forever grateful for her! She is my angel and we have also established a incredible friendship that will always be special to Us!
Organ donation is so very important, please consider becoming a donor if you are not already one! It saves lives!

Donation Page Issue resolved

Hello everyone!
We have been having a huge issue with our “YouCaring” page we have set up for my website to raise money not only for a billboard in the past but now to raise any amount of money to help future people in need of an organ donation who do not have the money to get a billboard to help them in thier search!
GoFundMe took over my YouCaring account and did not leave a way for me to find it and I am unable to get any help from GoFundMe so we took out the website all together and provided an address for My bank, North Shore Bank, in New Berlin, WI to accept checks made payable to “Share Your Spare” to further raise money!
We apologize for all the confusion and inconvenience it may have caused.
Thank you for your time and efforts! Please donate! Help a family in need! And become an organ donor!
-Jessica Wickersheimer

Exciting News to Share!!!!

I wanted to update everyone that as of October 10th, 2018 I am proud to share I recieved a kidney transplant from a live donor from Virginia. It would have never been possible without the kindness and selflessness of my dear friend Jennifer. She entered the Paired Exchange Program at Froedtert with myself and we found a match for me. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Time to start the next chapter with a healthy functioning kidney. A huge Thank you to all my family and friends who supported me and helped get the word out along with The Morning Blend, Channel 4, 12, 58, and Fox 6’s own Amy Dupont. All the hard work paid off. Now onto recovery and the road to going home! How exciting! God Bless! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
We are having some troubles with the link to donate, I am currently trying to get this fixed so please stop back and check to see if I have it up and running again!

Locations for My Billboards!

Hello Everyone! I have the locations for my billboards that went up today akd will be up for 4 weeks!
Just in time for all those Harley Davidson riders coming in from all over for the 115th Anniversary!
Take a peek at the picture, it has all the locations listed!
Please share with everyone! I need all the help I can get! I need to find me a kidney and fast! Thank you!

My billboard is back!

Hello everyone!
So here is an update for y’all! I just recently got a perm-cath placed in my chest to be able to start dialysis. I started about a week or so ago. Three days a week for four hours. Not what I dreamed I would be doing but at least there is a bridge between kidney failure and getting transplanted. There was a time that there was not an option for dialysis and the alternative was not in your favor. I am blessed I have that option.

With that being said……I feel it is time again to put up a billboard and try to get as many people as possible to understand the importance of organ donation and to find Me a kidney!💚💚💚 The clock is ticking!

Please keep your eyes open for my billboard and spread the word as best you can! I need as many people as I can get to share!

If interested in being a kidney donor PLEASE call my Donor Team at (414) 805-0310. Tell them you want to become a kidney donor for Jessica Wickersheimer! Thank you so much in advance!

Follow Ups Please!!!!!!!

Calling all Potential Donors who have called and pursued becoming a match for Me…..
I am asking you to please keep me Updated if at all possible with the steps you are taking or have taken to see if you are a match to be my kidney donor!
My Donor team tells me nothing so I feel a little lost in the dark and losing a little hope when it comes to whether or not I have people that are somewhat close to becoming a match!
I hope this is not wrong or Me to ask……
I truly appreciate every one of you for wanting ng ri help me! It means the world to Me and my family!
If you have not called yet and want to see if you are a match to donate a kidney for Me the number is 414 805 0310!
Please share and pass along to ad many friends and family as possible……

The search continues……

Hello everyone!
Please continue to share my need for a kidney! We still have not yet found a donor that matches! 😕 But no getting discouraged, we WILL find a match!

I just got an email from a young lady who saw my info on a magnet on a car in West Bend so it is effective and working, she wants to try and help! Amazing selflessness! 💚

414 805 0310 is the number to call if you want to see if you are a O blood type to see if you can be a donor for Me!