Follow Ups Please!!!!!!!

Calling all Potential Donors who have called and pursued becoming a match for Me…..
I am asking you to please keep me Updated if at all possible with the steps you are taking or have taken to see if you are a match to be my kidney donor!
My Donor team tells me nothing so I feel a little lost in the dark and losing a little hope when it comes to whether or not I have people that are somewhat close to becoming a match!
I hope this is not wrong or Me to ask……
I truly appreciate every one of you for wanting ng ri help me! It means the world to Me and my family!
If you have not called yet and want to see if you are a match to donate a kidney for Me the number is 414 805 0310!
Please share and pass along to ad many friends and family as possible……

The search continues……

Hello everyone!
Please continue to share my need for a kidney! We still have not yet found a donor that matches! 😕 But no getting discouraged, we WILL find a match!

I just got an email from a young lady who saw my info on a magnet on a car in West Bend so it is effective and working, she wants to try and help! Amazing selflessness! 💚

414 805 0310 is the number to call if you want to see if you are a O blood type to see if you can be a donor for Me!

Kidney Donor Tshirts a Hit

Our t-shirts were a success at the Brewers Game yesterday!!!! Thank you all who came out to spread the word and awareness of kidney donation!
Also Thank You for celebrating my husband Jason’s birthday as well!
If you are interested in being tes yes to be a Kidney Donor for Me, please call my Donor Team at 414 805 0310!


To everyone who has reached out to me I can not even put it into words how GRATEFUL I am ♥ ♥ ♥

The last couple days have been very amazing with the billboards (THANK YOU LAMAR), face-book posts, managing my web site, and all of the interviews. Watch my interview here 🙂

THANK YOU to all the news channels and talk radio show ♥♥♥

I did meet a very special lady today Brenda Cortez. She donated a kidney 13 years ago 🙂 She was interviewed immediately after me on The Morning Blend. She had the strength and courage to be a living kidney donor. She is an author of children’s books and also gave me this cute gift today.

Watch her inspiring story here

THANK YOU to EVERYONE♥♥♥ who has been a part of this!

Thank you ALL


If you are interested, PLEASE CALL the Live Donor Team at 414-805-0310.
IN NEED OF “O” Negative Kidney
Tell them you would like to be tested to be a donor for Jessica W.

Be sure to watch for me in the News!!!

Sheldon at Channel 12 News had the chance to interview me today. It will be aired on the 6 o’clock News tonight! Make sure to tune in! Please helo me spread the word!

Tomorrow I will be on The Morning Blend as well, on Channel TMJ4 at 9 o’clock a.m. Be sure to tune in then as well!

Billboards are up and running!!!

Looks like my face is around Milwaukee now! There is no turning back! Lamar has posted my picture on a billboard in 7 different locations to help me find a kidney! Let me know if you happen to drive past one and see it. Post a comment of the location where you saw it!!!

There are located at:
1- West of I-94, North of Oklahoma Ave
2- East of I-94 at Rosedale
3- West of 894, South of Oklahoma Ave
4- West of I-43 at Walnut St
5-South of I-94 at 14th St and St Paul
6-West side of Highway 45, North of Silver Spring
7-South of I-94, East of 84th St
Hopefully this will spark interest and I will find the kidney I am looking for! Thank you everyone for taking the time to visit my website and please share to all you know!