My billboard is back!

Hello everyone!
So here is an update for y’all! I just recently got a perm-cath placed in my chest to be able to start dialysis. I started about a week or so ago. Three days a week for four hours. Not what I dreamed I would be doing but at least there is a bridge between kidney failure and getting transplanted. There was a time that there was not an option for dialysis and the alternative was not in your favor. I am blessed I have that option.

With that being said……I feel it is time again to put up a billboard and try to get as many people as possible to understand the importance of organ donation and to find Me a kidney!💚💚💚 The clock is ticking!

Please keep your eyes open for my billboard and spread the word as best you can! I need as many people as I can get to share!

If interested in being a kidney donor PLEASE call my Donor Team at (414) 805-0310. Tell them you want to become a kidney donor for Jessica Wickersheimer! Thank you so much in advance!

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